Is shredded paper recyclable?

Once your paper is securely shredded, it is then taken to a certified paper recyclying center.

Why is on-site shredding better than off-site?

Once documents leave your location you can bever be sure how they are handled or who may have access to them. The Chain of Custody remains intact with on-site shredding. There are no third or fourth parties involved in the shredding process.

Do you shred residential or home office documents?

It is important to securely destroy all confidential information regardless of whether it originates at a residence or business.

Do you offer a certificate of destructions?

A Certificate of Destruction will be issued upon completion.

Do paper clips and staples have to be removed?

Paper clips and staples can remain intact.

Why should shredding be done on a regular basis?

Documents are useful for a specific duration of time. After this, they become a liability. It is imperative to destroy any sensitive documents right after they go past their retention schedules. This will also help you remain clutter free.

Can I watch material being shredded?

You can watch your material being shredded in real time, via our truck's built-in monitor.

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