SWFL Mobile Paper Shredding Service & Document Destruction Company

shredded paper balesSecured Document Shredding (SDS) is happy to provide convenient document shredding for Naples & SWFL. Whether the job is completed on-site or off-site, our crew is certified to destroy a variety of sensitive materials, including legal and medical documents.

SDS makes document shredding and recycling much easier. We are a local, family-owned-and-operated business that has built a reputation for going the extra mile for our customers.

Don't leave messages with a machine; call SDS to speak with someone from our management team. With more than 40 years of experience, our team always produces prompt, customer-oriented support with reliable, punctual service. Ask about custom, personalized options that are available as well.


The crime of identity theft has continued at epidemic proportions, and the State of Florida Ranks No.1. You don’t want to be a victim! At the conclusion of every shredding session, you are issued a certificate of destruction, which documents the chain-of-custody and provides piece of mind that you are safer from identity theft.


Our shredding programs are sustainable as ALL shredded paper is 100% recycled. Unlike what you may have heard in the media or other internet sources your shredded paper is very recyclable. Here at Secured Document Shredding, LLC we make sure that all of our shredded paper is recycled.


Our shredding services consist of a predetermined pick up, a scheduled pickup or a scheduled shredding event. SDS also has a drop and shred program where you can bring your documents to our facility for a discounted shredding rate. Watch us shred via our truck’s built in monitor that displays the shredding as it happens in real time.