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South Florida Leads the Nation in Justice for CARES Act Fraud

The South District of Florida is taking aggressive measures to protect its tax base from being defrauded out of Covid relief funds. A year ago, the Legislature passed the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security), which allocated $2.2 trillion to Americans suffering from the effects of the Covid pandemic. These funds were intended to aid struggling businesses and individuals who qualified for financial assistance. Since then, however, the South District of Florida has charged dozens of fraud scheme cases in which individuals have been accused of attempting to ascertain Covid relief funds through falsified documents or identity theft. The District has charged 38 cases of such activity since the CARES Act was passed and is leading the nation in Covid relief fraud prosecutions.

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How to Stop Robocalls

Robocalls rank among the most persistent and aggravating of scamming tactics. These incessant phone calls have gone unchecked for so long that the Federal Trade Commission received a whopping 500,000 complaints just last month. Unfortunately, this figure has become the average monthly complaint rate. Try as we might, our efforts to ignore robocalls have proven futile. These dubious scammers remain resolute on their quest to infiltrate mobile devices and extract personal information. If you’ve been a victim of robocalls a time or two, here are some tips of how to rid these spoof phone numbers from your missed call log.

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