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South Florida Leads the Nation in Justice for CARES Act Fraud

The South District of Florida is taking aggressive measures to protect its tax base from being defrauded out of Covid relief funds. A year ago, the Legislature passed the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security), which allocated $2.2 trillion to Americans suffering from the effects of the Covid pandemic. These funds were intended to aid struggling businesses and individuals who qualified for financial assistance. Since then, however, the South District of Florida has charged dozens of fraud scheme cases in which individuals have been accused of attempting to ascertain Covid relief funds through falsified documents or identity theft. The District has charged 38 cases of such activity since the CARES Act was passed and is leading the nation in Covid relief fraud prosecutions.

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Tax ID Fraud and How to Defend

Identity theft is often thought of in terms of credit scores and bank accounts, however, the same information used to meddle with your credit can be used to mess with your taxes. Getting jobs, filing returns, when hackers use your personal information in this manner, it is regarded as Tax Identity Theft. While the paperwork needed to correct this is a hassle in and of itself, the resulting delay in refunds could be detrimental for those enduring hardships.

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