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Job offers or Scams?

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for many companies and individuals. The government has reported a 300% increase in cybercrimes since the pandemic has begun. This makes it harder for those who are seeking employment using recruiting websites. Hackers prey on applicants and try to find ways to gain confidential information. Many applicants have become victims of identity theft as a result.

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Identity Theft form Space?

As a species, we first successfully went to space on April 12, 1961, and landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. The International Space Station was built in 1998. We have been going to space for over half a century, and we are just now seeing what could be the first space crime. Anne McClain, a NASA astronaut, has been accused of identity theft by her ex-wife, Summer Worden. The alleged crime happened from a NASA computer on the ISS.

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How to Dispose of Important Documents Without a Shredder

Identity theft is becoming a multi-trillion dollar business, and one of the ways criminals get personally identifiable information is by digging through the trash and using account numbers to create false identities. Your account numbers are often located on numerous documents you throw away each month, and even if you rip them into tiny pieces, it’s quite easy for criminals to piece information back together in order to get what they want.

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What Identity Theft Services Actually Do

Not so very long ago, many considered the dark web an urban legend and identity theft something that only happened to wealthy and careless people. As more and more companies have emerged to protect the identities of everyday people from the villains pilfering and plundering the dark web, the vast majority of the general public has come to accept the reality that the dark web is real and identity theft can happen to anyone.

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How to Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming a more common occurrence every single day. It takes place when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your authorization. This includes your social security number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, personal medical information, and even your name and address.

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How To Check If You Are A Victim Of Identity Theft

Despite the numerous advances in security developments and creating awareness to curb cybercrime, hackers still come with ways to breakthrough. The ever-increasing identity theft crisis continues to terrorize people from all across the world. The worst part is that you might be a victim of identity theft unknowingly. The longer the thief remains unnoticed, the more funds they might accumulate using your identity without your knowledge. So, how do you tell that you are a victim of identity theft?

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UK Identity Theft Crisis

Last year, an anti-fraud organization recorded a total 89,000 cases of identity theft in the UK over the first half of 2017. According to Cifas, the figure was a record high and represented a five percent increase in identity theft cases over the same period in the previous year. Cifas chief executive officer, Simon Dukes, said that the claims were increasing at an alarming rate over the years with a new high of about 500 stolen identities daily.

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The Tax Bill Leaves Environment Open To Fraud And Identity Theft

Due to the IRS budget cuts, the confusion regarding the new tax law, and the vast amount of data compromised, the filing season for 2017 may be rampant with tax-related crimes. There were 787,000 identity theft returns confirmed and stopped by the IRS last year. The total exceeded $4 billion. The IRS projected a $21 billion loss in 2016 for fraud.

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