Document Shredding: What to Shred, What to Keep

If you run a business where you are in possession of certain confidential information, you’ll want to look into the importance of paper shredding. In some instances, you’ll be required to discard of such sensitive information, making paper shredding an absolute necessity.

When you’re looking at your huge pile, or even an assortment of boxes, filled with documents, you may be faced with the difficulty of knowing what to do with the documents. Some should be kept for a few years, others you’ll have to hang onto indefinitely. But there are generally outdated files that you have to deal with. Here, we’ll offer a few tips so you’ll have a better idea of what to store, and what to destroy.

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Cloud based Document Retention Policies

There are many benefits associated with storing critical data in the cloud. For example, you can prevent it from being damaged onsite in a fire or other destructive event. You may be able to store it without the need to take up valuable physical space in your office, and you can easily access it or search through it from any location where you have an Internet connection. However, despite these and other incredible benefits, many businesses have not yet migrated into the cloud. A primary concern relates to the security of data.

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What happens to the paper that Residences shred.

The  shredded paper that  residence shred may be surprised to know that that even though they are placing shredded paper with the recyclable paper, the shredded paper does not get shredded.  It gets incinerated.  The reason is  because the County does not have the machinery to bale the small shreds of paper.  If you give us your shredded paper, we will take the paper to a certified paper recycler where the paper is baled and sent to a recycling center to make new product..