PA security confirms Shredding documents

Palestinian authorities have admitted to the reports of document shredding. According to security officials, there is mounting fear about the impending Israeli raids.

Sources reveal that the Israeli government is planning to annex some parts of the West bank.

“We received orders to destroy all secret documents in our hands and we have already complied with the order,” said a security source who did not want his identity to be revealed. He said that the order came from “above “.

In the early 2000s during the Second Intifada that witnesses widespread suicide bombings, Israeli forces stormed different offices and took away confidential documents.

Many Palestinian sources who spoke on condition of anonymity admitted that there is increased fear among authorities in Palestine that what happened almost two decades ago may happen might just happen again.

There are high chances that Israel will go ahead with its plans to annex part of West Bank. This was confirmed in Washington early this year when President Donald Trump’s Middle East Peace representative endorsed Israelis intentions of annexing the Jordan Valley and its settlements in West Bank.

One source from the Palestinian authorities who didn’t want to reveal the nature of the secret document said that the order to destroy them was given a month ago.

This was after Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President said that he was ending security relations with the Israeli government.

Other sources said that the documents were destroyed after they were scanned and stored in hard drives. They said that they received intelligence several months ago about the plans of the Israeli government to raid offices in several parts of West Bank.

“We know that the Israeli authorities have been planning this for some time now, they have done it before and we strongly believe that they are can do it again,” said another security source.

Palestinian authorities have control of all the cities in West Bank as per the Oslo Accords of 1993. However, there’s a provision that allows Israeli forces to enter the cities and arrest suspected law offenders and terrorists with the help of local authorities.

However, last month the Palestinian president said that he is no longer bound by those the Oslo accord – saying that the Israeli government’s planned annexation was a clear sign that they are not adhering to the terms of the treaty.

The Israeli government on its part said that they haven’t breached any treaty of the 1993 Oslo accord. They said that that Palestinian authorities are trying to find excuses not to obey the terms of the accord.

Security experts say that President Mahmoud Abbas’s decision to end security cooperation with Israel is likely to cause unrest in the West Bank region.

Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammed Shtayyeh has also warned that there will be “grievous” consequences if Israel proceeds with its annexation plan.

He said that Palestinians have been patient enough and that any more aggression towards its people and authority will be met with serious consequences.

It is a matter of time to see if the Israeli government will indeed start the annexation process in West Bank.

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