Mobile Paper Shredding is Important

Many companies desire to keep their confidential information secure. Keeping unnecessary confidential documents too long in a secure area can become overwhelming. Once a company identifies these documents, it is important to make certain they are properly destroyed. Mobile Paper Shredding is a way for a company to have their shredding needs met without leaving the security of their location.

Legal Compliance
There are many types of documents required to be properly destroyed by law. This destruction must be done according to the Data Protection Act (DPA). These are documents with information including employee and customer address details, medical records as well as salary information and more.

Storage Space
A company that continues to store unnecessary documents could be using significant amounts of space at its location. It is possible many of these documents are old. There have been situations where a company had several filing cabinets filled to capacity with documents needing to be destroyed. They also had documents sitting on desks and more. The company had significant new office space once all these confidential documents were shredded.

In many companies, pursuing green policies and processes is important. One of the main things these organizations have in their operation is a process to recycle shredded paper. This is an excellent way to show their competitors as well as clients they care about the environment. Shredding paper is an important way to make the recycling process much easier. Once they are shredded, this paper is much easier to place in bags and transport to a recycling company.

Fire Hazard
Having paper stacked at various locations in an office can create a fire hazard. Paper is an excellent fuel source and can easily help a fire spread. When a company shreds documents and then recycles them, it can eliminate a serious fire hazard.

Eliminate Corporate Espionage
It is common for companies to need protection for their ideas, copyrighted material, business processes and more. They are some of the most valuable items possessed by a company. This material needs to be protected from any competitor who would steal this information and use it to their advantage. It could result in a loss of money invested in these ideas as well as future profits and more. Proper shredding of these items can help avoid any type of corporate espionage.

Increase Consumer Trust
When a company has a reputation for protecting customer information, it can build trust with a customer base. A company’s customers and clients will be more comfortable doing business with an organization known for being responsible when it comes to handling confidential material involving them.

Paper is an essential part of any company. In the United States, millions of tons of copy paper is used yearly. It is estimated that office workers use over 9,900 sheets of paper annually. Some studies have shown a sheet of paper is used every 12 minutes in most companies. Mobile Paper Shredding is an effective way to eliminate the need to take confidential documents out of a company’s secure location. It enables a company to maintain control during the entire document shredding process.

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