How to Stop Robocalls

Robocalls rank among the most persistent and aggravating of scamming tactics. These incessant phone calls have gone unchecked for so long that the Federal Trade Commission received a whopping 500,000 complaints just last month. Unfortunately, this figure has become the average monthly complaint rate. Try as we might, our efforts to ignore robocalls have proven futile. These dubious scammers remain resolute on their quest to infiltrate mobile devices and extract personal information. If you’ve been a victim of robocalls a time or two, here are some tips of how to rid these spoof phone numbers from your missed call log.

Employ Call Blocking Services
Modern technology has become so advanced that automatic call blocking is now a feature that providers offer. No doubt a godsend for those who receive countless calls from unknown numbers, this service essentially prohibits scammers from calling your phone. Though some cellular companies render this service for free, others charge a fee. Depending on how dire your situation is, it may be worth it to invest in this amenity.

Get Your Number On The Do Not Call List
Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission has created a Do Not Call Registry. Much like its name suggests, this list contains individuals who prefer not to be called by sales companies. More often than not, these corrupt businesses are masquerading as legitimate enterprises. The more information you give the FTC, the more likely they are to track down the people who are administering these fraudulent calls. With that said, if you call to place your number on the Do Not Call Registry, don’t shy away from divulging pertinent information.

Conceal Your Identity
The less information the caller has, the better. If you inadvertently answer a robocall, it’s imperative that you keep your information private. The longer you have them on the phone, the more susceptible you are to theft. It’s in your best interest to drop the call immediately if you don’t recognize the number calling you. If they detect even a whiff of ignorance, the caller will exploit your naivete and pass your number on to another scammer.

Send Them To Voicemail
If the call is that important, they’ll undoubtedly leave a message. Unless you have the contact stored on your phone, it’s prudent to decline the call. They can leave a message if they wish, and you’ll find relief in knowing that you avoided a potential robocall.

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