Choosing Between Strip Cut and Cross Cut Shredders

In 2019, 14.4 million victims bore a massive financial burden of identity fraud. If you do not protect your identity, you could also become a victim. One of the simple ways of protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud is by shredding crucial documents that you no longer use. This is where paper shredders come in handy.

Paper shredder helps you secure and organize organizational documents. However, many people have a hard time choosing a cut cross or a strip cut shredder when selecting a paper shredder. This article will help you choose an ideal shredder that suits your needs.

CrossCut Shredder
A cross-cut shredder also referred to as a confetti cut shredder, is the most popular shredder type. It shreds paper in two different ways. Investing confetti cut shredder is a suitable choice for mid-level security shredding especially if you are dealing with a credit card, personal information, bank statements, and other sensitive information. The cut pieces are much smaller, which means you will change the bag less often. However, the machine takes relatively longer to get the job done.

Strip-Cut Shredder
As the names suggest, strip-cut shredders cut paper in strips, typically between 40 and 50 strips. They are relatively faster and have a simple mechanism hence requiring less maintenance. However, these shredders are not as secure as cross-cut shredders because it is possible to assemble the piece again. Also, you will have to change the bag more often.

Choosing the Right Shredder for You
Crosscut shredder produces smaller shred but takes longer to finish the job. Each sheet is cut in multiple directions slowing down the process. On the other hand, strip-cut shredder cut larger pieces but gets the job done faster. It an ideal choice if shredding quickly is your top priority. Below are the foremost considerations in detail.

Factors to Consider Choosing Between Strip Cut and Cross Cut Shredders
1. Speed
A Strip Cutter, is an ideal choice where shredding speed is the top priority. These shredders churn out paper shred fast than confetti shredders. Cross-cut machines cut sheets in multiple directions hence slowing the whole process.

2. Price
If cost is the primary concern, the strip cutter is a more affordable option. Cross cutters are designed with multiple complicated parts, which make them relatively expensive. They also provide more security, an attribute that boosts their value. It is worth noting that the price also depends on the brand.

3. Security
Crosscut shredders take a clear win in this regard. A fraudster can piece together shredded strips using the right technology and access sensitive information. However, it is very hard, almost impossible, to assemble confetti pieces. Each piece is turned into hundreds of pieces, which are mixed with pieces from more papers.

4. Maintenance
Shredder maintenance involves oiling the different parts to ensure they are working optimally. Crosscut shredder has more complicated parts that require higher maintenance. It requires more oiling than the other options.

Final Word
Investing in a shredder is an excellent way of protecting your documents from identity theft. However, you may be stuck between choosing a cross-cut and strip cutter shredders. Crosscut shredder is a better option in regards to security. However, the strip cutter is ideal for people looking for a cheaper machine to get the job done faster. Regardless of your choice, shredder protects your data from getting into the hands of outsiders.

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