Be Careful Who You Choose as Your Shredding Company

According to documentation from the courts, instead of destroying records from a bank, they were shared with thieves. This occurred at a document shredding company in Forth Worth by one of the male employees. The list of potential victims numbers in the thousands, and according to a source in law enforcement, the total damage may reach millions of dollars. 

According to the police, the name of the employee is Patrick Doucet, and he is 43 years of age. He lives in Fort Worth, and was employed as a truck driver for Cintas Document Management. The company is based out of Ohio, and their off-site shredding business is promoted as both secure and safe. Cintas contracts with major businesses for the destruction of their client’s records, including an insurance business. 

A search warrant contained the outlines of the investigation by the police for Patrick Doucet’s home in North Fort Worth. Last week, the police searched the home, and cell phones, computers and additional items were seized because a victim’s check was found in Doucet’s trash. According to the source, although Doucet has not yet been arrested, the investigation remains extremely active. According to the details of the search warrant, this investigation began in January in Henry County, Georgia. 

The 37 year old Shanika Jackson of Atlanta was arrested by the police, and charged with using the name of a woman in Bedford to write fake checks. According to the investigators, she implicated Patrick Doucet, and informed them he was employed by a company that shredded documents. It is currently unknown how the pair knew one another. 

The detectives in Fort Worth stated they had confirmed Doucet was employed by Cintas as a truck driver, and the customers located on his route were the individuals victimized by the thefts. The documents from the court labeled the situation as a multi-state theft ring.

According to the police, a man near Seattle wrote a check payable to Allstate Insurance Company, and his identity was stolen after the check had been mailed to Dallas. The torn-up check written by this man was found by the detectives when they were searching the trash located at the front of Doucet’s home. The victim confirmed at a later date someone had recently attempted to use his account to write fraudulent checks. 

The investigators additionally confirmed Doucet’s route did contain Allstate as one of the businesses. Allstate made a statement and said they were very serious about the privacy of their customers, and the report was being looked into. The search warrant only mentioned one Cintas client, and that was Allstate. It remains unclear what other business along with their customers may have been victims. 

The Director of Corporate Communications for Cintas is Michelle Goret. She was emailed, and left phone messages late Friday, but there was no response. As the Vice President and Treasurer of Cintas, Mike Hanson was also emailed for a comment, but this elicited no response either. On Friday afternoon, Patrick Doucet could not be reached, and did not answer his door.

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