Physical Data Destruction

Physical data destruction is defined differently among different stakeholders. Some tend to think that physical data destruction means the literal destruction of the media used to hold the data. In a sense, that might be true since the process involves the destruction of the data media.

Nonetheless, the term Physical Data Destruction means destroying the electronic media in such a way that it is unreadable. Therefore, this means that the data previously stored in the electronic media cannot be accessed by any unauthorized persons.

Data Destruction

Data is destroyed because it is no longer needed. However, failure to properly destroy unwanted data could lead to serious data security breaches. It is therefore paramount for people to learn effective and efficient ways of disposing data to avoid any privacy intrusion from unauthorized individuals.

Even so, research from Blanco indicated that approximately 80% of senior individuals from Canada and the US stockpile their unwanted data in a storage unit. As a matter of fact, the same research confirms that companies use an approximate $100,000 to store these data.

Also, 57% of the individuals reported taking more than two weeks to erase data from these devices before they are relocated to the storage/destruction units. This indicates there is a massive lag in data disposal and destruction. The knowledge and application of valiant methods of physical data destruction should be used to avoid any potential data security breaches.

Destruction of data storage devices

There are primarily two methods of data storage: rotational Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SDDs). HDDs are typically destroyed by a process known as degaussing. Degaussing entails the removal and/or interruption of the magnetic fields attached to the drives. The drive is then crushed, shredded, or disintegrated to complete the process.

With the development of SSDs, most institutions still used the HDD data destruction process to dispose them. Nevertheless, this process does not guarantee the absolute destruction of the data in the SSD drives. This inaction makes them susceptible to potential data breaches.

SSD market research indicates that the expected global market for SSDs is $229.5 billion by 2022. Yet, more than 33% of the Canadian and US enterprises do not have different methods for disposing and destroying SSDs. The data removal methods applied by said enterprises are just not workable for them.

There have been various international laws that ensure the safe handling and destruction of data. The EU for instance summarizes these data protection laws under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Similarly, we can learn from the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Under the CCPA, companies in the State of California are expected to disclose what customer information they have collected as well as be able to erase them at the customer’s request.

Even though this is a preliminary to national implementation, these laws will require the stakeholders to be able to effectively, erase, and disintegrate data efficiently. Companies and individuals alike should, therefore, be keen as to how they destroy data to avoid any risk in data security.The perfect solution to erase data is through paper shredding for all hard copy materials.

Cybersecurity And Data Protection While Working From Home

In a matter of weeks, companies have shifted from working in office settings to having employees work from home as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many businesses operate under strict regulations regarding data privacy and security and now have to find ways to adapt those regulations to a work from home environment.

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The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Data Breach: What You Need to Know

When we think of traveling for vacation and staying in a nice hotel, the thought of identity theft and our personal information being stolen rarely crosses our mind. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to 10-million visitors of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. A recent data breach of the establishment’s information gave hackers a deep insight into the transactions and personal details about recent clients and visitors that stayed at the establishment.

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Identity Theft form Space?

As a species, we first successfully went to space on April 12, 1961, and landed on the moon on July 20, 1969. The International Space Station was built in 1998. We have been going to space for over half a century, and we are just now seeing what could be the first space crime. Anne McClain, a NASA astronaut, has been accused of identity theft by her ex-wife, Summer Worden. The alleged crime happened from a NASA computer on the ISS.

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How Your Company Can Prevent Costly Data Breaches?

Data is valuable, but a data breach can make it even more valuable to the wrong people. The nation of Ecuador experienced a massive data breach of epic proportions. While much of the information belonged to citizens that are deceased, the remainder was for nearly 7 million minors. What can you do to prevent this, and the expense that comes with it?

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Equifax Breached And You May Be A Victim

If you think that Experian is keeping your personal data safe, then think again. The credit reporting agency experienced a data breach in 2017 that affected over 147 million people. When a large corporation like Experian allows its servers to be hacked or otherwise compromised, it puts their customers at risk for fraud and identity theft. That’s why the Federal Trade Commission is requiring the company to pay a settlement to those whose data was breached.

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Mobile Paper Shredding is Important

Many companies desire to keep their confidential information secure. Keeping unnecessary confidential documents too long in a secure area can become overwhelming. Once a company identifies these documents, it is important to make certain they are properly destroyed. Mobile Paper Shredding is a way for a company to have their shredding needs met without leaving the security of their location.

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