Man in Jail for IRS Tax refund Scam

Babatunde Olusegun, a resident of St. Louis, was sentenced to jail for the crime of stealing US Citizen’s details. He will spend four years behind the bar. The perpetrator used the details to file fake tax return claims. He made this a success through the use of information leaked in various incidences.

Babatunde executed this crime alongside other co-conspirators. One Kevin Williams was behind the identifying of data (PII) of persons that was leaked out when there was a data breach at a particular payroll firm to file fake returns with the United States Internal Revenue service. The United States Department of Justice reported this case on Thursday.

The payroll firm’s information breach affected thousands of residents, especially in Alabama and Mississippi. It also affected district schools and employees working in various places.

The information that was missing from the firm included PII that was enough to file fake tax claims and returns.

According to the prosecutor, Babatunde attempted to conceal the crime scheme in a very mischievous manner. He went ahead and filed tax returns using digital identification numbers that were issued by the IRS for tax return preparations for various businesses that the offenders acquired without authorization.

The submitted claims that were requested were ordered to be sent to their specific addresses in St. Louis. The director of Justice noted that over 2000 fake returns were filed to claim over $12 million. The IRS had already paid out $889,712. Luckily, the scam was noted, and investigation took effect before the Internal Revenue Service paid the remaining amount.

According to the court of Justice, Babatunde is set to serve four years in jail and three years of strict supervision upon release. Taiwo was also ordered by the court to pay back each penny that the IRS had paid.
On the other hand, Kevin Williams was sentenced to 6.5 years in jail for playing a major role in the theft of US Citizens ID’s and re-entering the United States despite being removed and ordered not to enter the country ever again.

Thomas Holloman, a special agent, working at the IRS as a criminal investigator in the Atlanta Field Office, noted that they will remain vigilant and will pursue all criminals. He added that criminals that prey on innocent individuals will not be spared and will face the full wrath of Justice. Thomas stated that United States tax laws will hunt down all individuals who attempt to evade tax.

Thomas added that the ruling on Taiwo and his co-conspirators was a warning to all-want to be criminals. Anyone who wishes to evade tax will be apprehended and be heavily punished.

On the same day, the director of Justice noted in a separate release that an Indian citizen, Hitesh Madhubhai Patel, had pleaded guilty of a crime that he was accused. Patel had been operating several scam call centers back in India.

Between the years 2013 and 2016, Patel was behind call centers that scammed victims millions of money through impersonating US citizenship and IRS services. Patel and his colleagues threatened victims with deportations, arrests, and fines.

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